Friday, April 17, 2009


okay so the Movie Industry can't come up with new ideas, they have to steal from our childhood. I mean i understand that now and days we can create those stories now on the big screen and not make it crappy. I just hate how there isn't anything really original, except comedies and those are REAL movies, no matter how much I love comedies, they aren't REAL movies...

anyways back to the ruining my childhood... okay so here is a list of all things that was holy to me as a child now being a movie...

-Smurfs (its gonna be CG most likely, or hybrid)
-G.I Joe (supposedly not American heroes but UN heroes, or some bullcrap)
-Captain America
-Where the Wild Things Are?(how'd they come up with a full length script, beats me)

those are the ones coming out... thats not to mention what already did like

-Alvin and the Chimpmunks
-Dragonball Evolution
-Street Fighter (again...)

and the list goes on...

i want to work in the movie business so i can put some original ideas out there for once or something....
-Transformers (i liked this movie but still....)


  1. And most people are perfectly fine with capitalism. That's what's even scarier.

    Sure, I accept it since there aren't any other economic environs I'd prefer to find myself in, but I definitely also hope to preserve some memories of my halcyon days of youth without having some film studio trying to make a buck off a cheap attempt at a hi-fi knock-off.

  2. im all for capitalism, but not at the price of my youngen days, think of the children... wont somebody please think of the children