Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wheelman Review (Demo)

okay first off i haven't played the game, just the demo... now there's alot i like from this game and alot i hate. i love the ramming of cars, and the moving car jack, and the cyclone shoot cars in bullet time... but there's alot i hate, like the physics system needs lots of work, the charactor models, the skins on the models are horrible very shiney, characters not really life like, the AI is dumb, the police can see you, shoot at you but if your behind a statue in the alley way they dont really come after you they just keep shooting even if they don't hit anything, also the voice acting is horrible, okay yeah its Vin Disiels voice, but come on try and put some emotion, okay i don't blame the voice actors, i blame the writers for such dumb scripts... but for the most part it is a very interesting game, and suggest downloading the demo before buying it, i did enjoy the game, but again there are alot of small stuff that pissed me off...

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